Finding the best possible technological solution for mine planning, construction, modernisation or closure is a complex task and often involves creative approach and analysis of alternative offers.  Striving to achieve greater efficiency in innovative exchange and peer-to-peer engagement between the mining companies and vendors, MINEX Eurasia Forum is organising on 22nd November the 1st MineTech Eurasia competition of innovative solutions and technologies.

Categories covered in the competition:

  • Geology and resource definition
  • Mineral processing
  • Tailings and waste management
  • Health, safety, environment and social
  • Industry 4.0 and process optimisation

Invitation to technology and service providers

The UK and International supply chain companies are invited to present to present potential solutions to improve mining productivity and efficiency of existing and new mines in Central Asia, Mongolia, Balkans region and Russia.

Participation in the competition is both a challenge and an opportunity. The development of creative solutions will undoubtedly take more time and resources than the preparation of a standard corporate presentation. At the same time, contenders will have an opportunity to better understand the technical challenges that subsoil users have to deal with, and also increase the chance to attract new orders and customers.

Winners will be selected by a jury composed of regional mining and awarded with diplomas and valuable prizes at the Awards dinner on 22nd November.

How to take part?

Step 1: Review terms

Step 2: Complete presentation proposal

Step 3: Present at the competition and take part in one-on-one meetings

Invitation to mining companies

Mining companies looking for ingenious and unorthodox technological solutions are invited to participate in MineTech as Partners by offering challenges.

How to take part?

Please contact organisers to discuss your requirements and ideas

Participation terms

Presenting company (MineTech competition): £ 500.00 (including UK 20% VAT)

Package includes:

  • A 20-minute presentation slot and optional participation in the one-on-one meetings with the competition challengers.
  • 2 tickets to the Awards Gala Dinner
  • 2 admission passes for speaker and one more company representative to the conference on 22 November
  • Adverting page in the Conference catalogue
  • Corporate profile on the Conference website
  • Opportunity to distribute promotional literature
  • 50% discounts will be offered to companies interested in attending the conference on 23 November