Ministry for Investment and Development of Kazakhstan

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The Ministry for Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a state authority of the Republic of Kazakhstan leading in the sphere of industry and industry-innovation development, scientific-technical country development, mining-metallurgic complex, development of local content, machine building, chemical, pharmaceutical and medical industry, light, wood-working and furniture industry, construction industry and production of construction materials; machines and equipment safety and safety of chemical products in accordance with field direction; state innovation policy and policy of investments support, creating a favorable investment climate; creating, functioning and abolishment of special economic zones; export control; technical regulation and measuring unity support; mineral resources, except from hydrocarbon crude; state geological study, reproduction of mineral-raw materials base, rational and complex subsurface use, state management of subsurface use in parts of groundwater and therapeutic muds, hard commercial minerals, except from uranium and coal; energy saving and increasing of energy effectiveness of the tourist activity, realization of state policy of investment support; in the spheres of railway, automobile, internal water transport, trade sailing, in the field of use of air space of the Republic of Kazakhstan and activity of civil and experimental aviation, auto roads; industry safety; communication, informatization and «E-government», information; space activity.