Westminster Russia Forum


Knowledge partner

The Westminster Russia Forum (WRF) is a UK based members not-for profit members’ forum and think tank that was founded in 2012 to promote a greater cultural, commercial and political understanding between the UK and Russian Federation. The WRF’s membership is drawn from both the UK and Russia as well as the Former Soviet Union and we regularly organise networking events with a wide range of high-level speakers from across the cultural, political and commercial fields.

The aim of the Westminster Russia Forum is to allow for a free and open forum for discussion, with speakers ranging from serving UK Government Ministers, senior Russian diplomats, and leading UK & Russian business/cultural leaders.

The WRF also provides a unique networking platform for all those with a keen interest in Russian history, politics, business and the arts as well as maintaining and promoting healthy relations between the United Kingdom & Russian Federation.

About our political links – we were founded as Conservative Friends of Russia but now have sound links with ALL UK parties – from UKIP and the SNP to the Lib Dems, Conservatives and Labour we work with all parties to further dialogue without bias. We have worked with leading security think tanks and MP’s to business and embassies – whilst many think tanks have an axe to grind and bias to prove we do not. Our aim is dialogue and dialogue alone!

In short, our goal is to promote equitable and neutral relations and to further commercial, political and cultural dialogue between our two countries without bias…