Denis Miganov

Innovations Advisor

At the Digital lab Denis is responsible for bringing digital innovations and solutions to the company as well as developing state-of-the-art products in-house. Prior to joining the Digital lab Denis worked as a Director for innovations and business development at a series of IT and Telecom start-up companies in Russia and Europe. Denis is a graduate of the Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University majoring in Information management. He also holds a business administration degree from the Plekhanov State University.

AI in mining. Case study. CleanOre project.

It is frequently believed that to introduce AI or machine learning in mining is hard and painful. Companies have to make many decisions and do many changes. Our case with CleanOre project proves that some mining problems may be performed easily with AI technology and can be done fast and smoothly. Our CleanOre project helps mining companies to detect and control containments on conveyor belts to save belt and crushing equipment from damage.

The CleanOre project got the 1st prize as the best digital product for mining companies at Minex Russia held in Moscow this year.